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Workplace Health

  • We believe in more healthy days and fewer sick days.

    Our services empower employees to get and stay healthy, lowering health care costs for everyone.

  • Customized to meet your needs

    No two companies are alike. That’s why we partner with each of our clients to customize health management services that match their needs. You have goals to accomplish and challenges to overcome — we can help.

    “Cerner was approachable and flexible. Every time we had a suggestion or an idea, they never said, ‘No, we can’t do that,’ or ‘No, we haven’t done that.’ They said yes. ‘Yes, we think we can do that,’ and ‘Yes, we can work with you to see what that might look like.’”

    --Bob Sanders, Senior Vice President
    Centene, St. Louis, Mo.

    Partnering for a healthier future

    We work together with you to:

    • Control health care costs
    • Create healthier, more productive employees (and their families)
    • Enhance current benefit offerings to attract/retain high-performers
    • Offer access to high-quality care

    At Cerner, we practice what we preach by embracing a culture of health. Our own associates are our testing ground for new ways to create healthier workforces. We use what we learn with them — and the savings we’ve realized — to develop effective, customizable services for our clients.

    Change doesn’t happen overnight. So let’s take the first steps, together, toward a healthier tomorrow.