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  • November 17 2011

    Driving engagement in personal health

    Kansas City is feeling the weight (or lack thereof) of healthier lifestyles and happier citizens. Through the KC Slimdown Challenge, nearly 10,000 people worked together to lose 38,187 pounds. In the Community Challenge, players weighing out lost an impressive average of 9.7 pounds per player and 28% moved to a better BMI category, quite a feat for a ten week competition! The estimated cost savings to KC through this initiative is a stunning $1.5 million.

    Cerner's internal weight-loss challenge also ended strong, with over 1,200 associates losing 20,405 pounds in one year, and added to the culture of health that has grown in our own organization. Individuals on the winning teams of both Cerner's competition and the KC Slimdown Challenge will soon be taking their all-expenses-paid vacations, but the real prize here is improved health, positive lifestyle changes and decreased health care costs.

    The Personal Health solutions group is focused on helping people better engage and manage their health while connecting them to their care team. Both the KC Slimdown Challenge and Cerner's internal weight-loss challenges were fun and innovative ways to motivate people to engage in their health. As a result of the great outcomes from both of these initiatives, we are enabling our clients to roll out their own competitions for their organizations and communities. We are also keeping the momentum going at Cerner by initiating a second round of challenges – Stayslim Throwdown, a weight maintenance competition, and Healthe Steps, a pedometer-driven steps competition. Stay tuned for more updates as Cerner associates continue on their journey to better health.

    It has been amazing to witness what a powerful combination competition, team encouragement, and online tools can be in providing new ways to think about and engage in health!

    Clay Patterson is the Managing Director for Cerner's Personal Health Agile Business Unit and is responsible for leading Cerner's businesses focused on engaging individuals in their health to result in improved health at a lower cost within communities across the globe.

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