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Benefits Administration

  • Health benefits administration should actually benefit you and your employees, not give you headaches. We've developed a simpler way.

    Your plan, your way

    Our services are comprehensive, but there’s flexibility in our offerings. As a self-insured employer, you can choose from a menu of services, including:

    Administering health benefits doesn’t need to be complex. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Operational excellence — Proven implementation; quick, efficient claims processing; prompt responses to questions; and insightful reporting
    • Employee engagement — Easy access to benefits information through our Web portal and/or support person
    • Health and wellness integration — Your benefits plan can include your wellness program. Employees can track/access their health information through their personal health record (PHR).

    No more headaches

    We can help you now and take you into the future. Change in health care is inevitable. With us, you’ll have fewer headaches as you embrace shifts in the industry.