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March 26, 2013

Biomarkers for personalized health care and their potential pitfalls

By: Pedro Alves, PhD, senior scientist, Cerner Math

Recently, there has been growing focus and effort in identifying biomarkers (gene expression, protein expression, etc.) that can help predict a patient’s response to treatment options.

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October 20, 2011

Ethics and de-identified genomic plus phenotypic (health) data

By: Douglas S. McNair, MD, PhD

During the annual Cerner Health Conference last week, several clients came up to discuss my previous post and associated essay on de-identified health data. In my essay, I basically agree with Marc Lappé and others who have asserted that medical ethics as it exists and is practiced today is different from—and historically antagonistic toward—public health ethics (‘communitarian ethics’). This point of view is covered at some length in a paper by Eric Meslin and Ibrahim Garba in the September issue of Human Genetics.... Read full story

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