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January 21, 2014

A new tool to better manage asthma patients

By: Michael Dulin, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer for Analytics and Outcomes Research, Carolinas HealthCare System

Asthma can be difficult to manage, and the hundreds of different possible combinations of medications available for physicians to choose from can be overwhelming.... Read full story

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March 14, 2013

The children’s EHR format from the AHRQ: Why it matters

By: Emily C. Webber, MD, FAAP, pediatric hospitalist, Riley Hospital for Children

In February 2013, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ ) released the children’s EHR format. Authorized in 2009 by the children’s health insurance program reauthorization act (CHIPRA) and developed by AHRQ and the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS), the format highlights critical elements of any EHR being used for pediatric care.... Read full story

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January 09, 2013

Our top 5 posts of 2012

By: Cerner Corporation

2012 was also a great year for our blog. We saw increased views, as well as an increase in the average time spent on each post. We're working hard to make this space an engaging, informative and, hopefully, entertaining resource for those of you interested in health care, health IT or our company. Thank you for reading!... Read full story

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October 01, 2012

The advantages of going paperless

By: Rona Curphy, president/CEO, Casa Grande Regional Medical Center

On Mar. 27, 2007, Casa Grande Regional Medical Center (CGRMC) solidified our partnership with Cerner to implement an electronic health record (EHR), after more than a year of development work, with 15 solutions. At that time, this was the single biggest change that the facility had experienced in its twenty-three year history. Going paperless has had many advantages, but the most valuable has been to our patients.... Read full story

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September 18, 2012

Making a pledge to tackle View, Download, Transmit

By: Brian Carter, senior director, Cerner

Last week, Clay Patterson shared his thoughts on the recent Consumer Health IT Summit sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology ("the ONC"). While he was there, I tweeted Cerner's pledge to support the View, Download, and Transmit challenge (#VDTNow) issued by Farzad Mostashari, head of the ONC.... Read full story

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February 14, 2012

HIMSS12: Improving Safety, Quality and Efficiency with an Ambulatory EHR

By: Deborah Burgett, RN, MSHA, Director of Implementation, and Paula Spencer, PMP, CPHIMS (ASCP), Project Manager, VCU Health System

As the electronic health record becomes standard for patient care organizations, providers must decide on a strategy to not only utilize these powerful tools, but to fully embrace the advantages they bring to health care.... Read full story

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September 27, 2011

The continuing evolution of lab informatics

By: John David Nolen, MD, PhD, MSPH

Google just turned 13 years old (9/27/1998), and I feel old. I remember toiling away as an undergrad in the engineering computer lab, using NCSA’s Mosaic as my browser and AltaVista as my main search engine. I also remember my first encounter with a laboratory information system (LIS) as a medical student, using a light pen to call up a floor census and printing out pages of labs to stuff into my pockets for rounds. EMRs were barely there, paper was everywhere. The big movement in all parts of health care IT at the time was “get the data into the computer,” and all of those printouts, paper charts, and the like slowly migrated into an electronic format.... Read full story

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