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August 21, 2012

What is a vendor neutral archive?

By: Erik Abels, strategist, Cerner

There’s a ton of discussion in the health care industry of late as to exactly what is a vendor neutral archive (VNA). Every person that talks about VNA systems has a slightly different view of what the term means. Let’s take a step back and talk through the life cycle of clinical multimedia content generically.... Read full story

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November 29, 2011

RSNA 2011: Creating a visual EHR

By: Cerner Corporation

Adding digital images to a patient’s electronic health record (EHR) greatly simplifies the problem of capturing, managing, storing, and distributing these images. There are numerous advantages to this model. Clinical efficiency and accuracy are enhanced by having access to both EHR data and images in a single location. By eliminating silos of information across various departments, IT management is also simplified. This will help keep the cost of expensive imaging procedures down and improve patient safety by eliminating the redundant request for images.... Read full story

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