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July 15, 2014

Physicians, People and Technology: Reaching the Summit Together

By: Brad Carey, VP and GM - Population Health, Cerner, and Kim Hlobik, VP - Ambulatory, Cerner

Aging populations, decreasing numbers of new primary care physicians, rapidly increasing chronic disease, and changing government policies all make population health management critical to the success of the communities and countries we live in. There are many theories on how to best approach this, but they all have a common theme: shifting from volume to value.... Read full story

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February 09, 2012

HIMSS12: Why my patients love my EHR system

By: Christopher H. Tashjian, MD, President, River Falls, Ellsworth and Spring Valley Medical Clinics

As a family physician in a small rural community, I’m not in the thick of the debates over health information technology. But I know something that policy-makers in Washington need to know – and consumers across the country, as well.

My patients love their electronic health records (EHRs)! They totally understand how EHRs are improving their care, making it safer and more effective. A year ago, they wouldn’t have known to ask if we were using an EHR system. But since our practice implemented them, they see the difference – and they want more.

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