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Our Concept of Health and Care

  • Today, the concept of health care has not really been about “health” but rather, “sick care.” Most people only pay attention to their health when they are already sick, have a disease or need urgent care. By then, it’s too late.

    Neal Patterson, chairman of the board, chief executive officer, president and co-founder of Cerner, said, “The Cerner of today is known for care; we expect the Cerner of five or 10 years from now will be recognised for health as much as care.”

    We believe health care should be seen as two separate thoughts that make up a whole: health + care instead of health vs. sick care.

    Cerner is trying to create a new culture that focuses on both health AND care. Becoming a health care company means that we are becoming more proactive in supporting and improving the health of populations, and devising strategies that promote and maintain health, rather than just reacting to illness.

    Cerner is encouraging populations, starting with its own associates, to take ownership of their health and is harnessing the power of challenges and competition to drive awareness and positive change.

    The Healthe Steps Challenge is a competition between all Cerner associates to encourage them to keep moving, improve their health, and have fun along the way. The challenge is administered through an interactive website called, Cerner Health Wins. Individuals can leave comments for their teammates, track their progress, and set goals.

    Competitions cantered around health, like the Healthe Steps Challenge, promote a higher level of engagement and ownership over an individuals' health that even decades of lectures from physicians, depressing statistical data from news media, and health and safety propaganda have not been able to achieve.

    As Cerner becomes better known as a health company and not just a health care IT company, we have introduced a new concept – “Step up to the challenge!” In 2012 and moving forward, we will focus on healthy activities.