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  •  Neal Patterson 94x109

    Neal Patterson

    Chairman of the Board, CEO

    Neal Patterson is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Cerner, a company he co-founded with two colleagues in 1979. Today Cerner is the world’s largest independent health information technology company with $3.4 billion in revenues in 2014 and more than 20,000 associates worldwide.

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    Cliff Illig

    Vice Chairman of the Board

    Cliff Illig, vice chairman and co-founder of Cerner, focuses on growing and expanding Cerner’s market-oriented business units, key strategic relationships and priority corporate initiatives.

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    Don Bisbee photo

    Don Bisbee

    Senior Vice President, Strategic Business Units

    Don Bisbee, senior vice president, Strategic Business Units, is responsible for Cerner’s clinical and revenue management, interoperability and DeviceWorks business units.

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    Zane Burke

    Zane Burke


    Zane Burke, president, has chief responsibility for client relationships worldwide. He also oversees the corporate direction and strategy for market-facing operations, including sales, revenue generation, marketing and segment-focused business units.

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    Joanne Burns

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Joanne Burns, senior vice president and chief strategy officer, works directly with the CEO to advance the company’s strategic initiatives and directions.

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    Katie Chaffee

    Katie Chaffee

    Senior Vice President, Worldwide Consulting

    Katie Chaffee, senior vice president, Worldwide Consulting, is responsible for connecting all elements of Cerner professional services with the operating units of the U.S. and global business units, as well as the strategic solutions centers in Kansas City, London and Bangalore, India.

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     John Glaser 94x109

    John Glaser, PhD

    Senior Vice President, Client Administration

    John Glaser, PhD, senior vice president, client administration, is responsible for driving technology and product strategies, interoperability and government policy development.

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    Marc Naughton

    Chief Financial Officer

    Marc Naughton, executive vice president and chief financial officer, is responsible for the company’s financial operations and business model.

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    Mike Neal

    Mike Neal

    Senior Vice President, Consulting and Application Services

    Mike Neal, senior vice president, consulting and application services, leads Cerner’s worldwide Professional Services organization. In this role, he has responsibility for Cerner Millennium® implementations, and Application Management Services and Support.

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    Mike Nill

    Chief Operating Officer

    Mike Nill, executive vice president and chief operating officer, is responsible for Cerner’s core worldwide business operations including intellectual property, Worldwide Consulting, IT transformation, infrastructure, managed services and client support.

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    John Peterzalek

    John Peterzalek

    Senior Vice President, Client Relationships

    John Peterzalek, senior vice president, client relationships, leads the teams responsible for business development, implementation, and technology and support services for more than 400 large-scale clients in 25 countries.

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    Matthew Swindells

    Senior Vice President, Population Health and Global Strategy

    Professor Matthew Swindells, senior vice president, Population Health and Global Strategy, is responsible for leading Cerner’s Population Health organization and building Cerner’s standing as a global company.

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    Jeff Townsend

    Chief of Staff

    Jeff Townsend, executive vice president and chief of staff, Intermountain Development, has supervision over key market initiatives referred to as CERN—an acronym for Consumer, Employer, Research and Networks—all of which are critical to Cerner’s vision for population health management.

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    Donald Trigg

    Donald Trigg

    President, Cerner Health Ventures

    Donald Trigg, president, Cerner Health Ventures, focuses on driving Cerner’s strategic efforts in early market segments and top health systems at a time of dynamic change in health care.

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    Julie Wilson

    Chief People Officer

    Julie Wilson, executive vice president and chief people officer, is responsible for leading Cerner’s human resources and associate services organizations, providing direction and developing people and support strategies for Cerner worldwide.

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    Brad Carey photo

    Brad Carey

    Vice President, Population Health Sales

    Brad Carey, vice president, Population Health Sales, is responsible for the business growth and overall financial performance of Cerner’s Millennium Lighthouse® organization.

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    Steve Eckman

    Steve Eckman

    Senior Vice President, Physician Experience

    Steve Eckman, senior vice president, Physician Experience, is responsible for organizations supporting the Cerner Millennium® software platform and maximizing productivity for physicians using Cerner solutions.

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    Ed Enyeart

    Senior Vice President, Client Financial Operations

    Ed Enyeart, senior vice president, Client Financial Operations, leads Cerner’s U.S. and international financial operations organization.

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    Dick Flanigan

    Dick Flanigan

    President, Cerner HS

    Dick Flanigan, president, Cerner HS, leads the Cerner business unit formerly known as Siemens Health Services. In this role, he oversees a workforce of more than 5,000 associates, as well as the business development, implementation and technology, of a select group of US-based strategic client relationships.

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    Bill Graff photo

    Bill Graff

    Senior Vice President, Cerner Technology Services

    Bill Graff, senior vice president, Cerner Technology Services, is responsible for the technology services and critical infrastructure that power Cerner’s corporate IT operations and managed services worldwide.

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    Rick Heise

    Rick Heise

    Senior Vice President, Revenue Cycle

    Rick Heise, senior vice president, Revenue Cycle, is responsible for Cerner’s Revenue Cycle Organization, which includes solutions, transactions and services. Specifically, he oversees mission, vision, strategy, execution and financial performance across Revenue Cycle.

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    Kim Hlobik

    Kimberly Hlobik

    Vice President, Population Health Programs

    Kim Hlobik, vice president, Population Health Programs, is responsible for Cerner's overall Data and Analytics strategy, including the development of reporting solutions geared toward quality and regulatory needs, continuous performance improvement and population health.

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    Eva Karp

    Eva Karp

    Chief Clinical Officer

    Eva Karp, RN-C, MBA, senior vice president and chief clinical officer, Clinical Venues and Specialty Agile Business Units (ABU), is responsible for Cerner strategies and market direction related to core EMR functionality as well as multiple specialties, including critical care, emergency medicine, perioperative services, oncology, women’s health, and behavior health, among others.

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    David McCallie photo

    David McCallie, Jr., MD

    Senior Vice President, Medical Informatics

    David McCallie, Jr., MD, senior vice president, Medical Informatics, is director of the Cerner Medical Informatics Institute.

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    Lisa McDermott photo

    Lisa McDermott

    Vice President, Population Health Advisory Services

    Lisa McDermott, vice president, Population Health Advisory Services, is responsible for strategies and services to support clients staying current on the latest recommendations and capabilities.

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    Doug McNair photo

    Douglas McNair, MD, PhD

    Senior Vice President, President, Cerner Math

    Douglas McNair, MD, PhD, senior vice president, president of Cerner Math, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cerner Innovations, Inc. Cerner Math develops licensable analytics solutions for Cerner and other non-traditional clients.

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    Sam Pettijohn

    Sam Pettijohn

    Senior Vice President, Cerner Client Organization

    Sam Pettijohn, senior vice president, Cerner Client Organization, is responsible for all client activities, including implementations, support and sales for Investor Owned, Federal and IDN.

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    Max Reinig

    Max Reinig

    Senior Vice President, Physician Solutions Development

    Max Reinig, senior vice president, Physician Solutions Development, has executive responsibility for Cerner’s physician solutions across all venues of care.

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    Farrell Sanders

    Chief Operating Officer, Cerner HS

    Farrell Sanders, chief operating officer, Cerner HS, leads operations for the division within Cerner formerly known as Siemens Health Services.

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    Kent Scheuler

    Senior Vice President, Managed Services

    Kent Scheuler, senior vice president, Managed Services, leads technical project and production management delivery services for CernerWorks™.

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    Randy Sims

    Chief Legal Officer

    Randy Sims, senior vice president, chief legal officer and secretary, is responsible for all legal affairs at Cerner, including general corporate, Securities and Exchange Commission compliance, transactions and litigation.

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    Shellee Spring

    Senior Vice President, Cerner Ambulatory

    Shellee Spring, senior vice president, Cerner Ambulatory, is responsible for expanding Cerner’s ambulatory footprint and oversees ambulatory client relationships, business development, solution delivery, consulting, and services that drive value to our ambulatory clients.

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    Van Bauman

    Vice President, General Manager, Northwest

    Ken Boyett

    Vice President, General Manager, Central

    Cameron Burt

    Vice President, General Manager, Australia/New Zealand

    Lisa Campbell

    Vice President, Client Development East and Academic/Children's East

    David Corcos

    Director, General Manager, France

    Holger Cordes

    Senior Director, General Manager, Central Europe

    John Dreager

    Vice President, General Manager, Northern California

    Gary Friedrichsen

    Vice President, General Manager, Indiana and River Valley

    Marcos Garcia

    Vice President, General Manager, Spain and Latin America

    Len Giuffre

    Vice President, General Manager, Southwest

    Ron Hately

    Vice President, General Manager, New England and New York

    Ben Hilmes

    Vice President, Client Operations, Cerner East

    Lary Ippolito

    Senior Director, General Manager, Heart of America

    Tim Kostner

    Senior Vice President, Client Development West and Academic/Children's West

    Rebecca LaNasa

    Managing Director, Southeast Asia

    Jay Linney

    Senior Vice President, Client Operations, Cerner West

    Kevin Magee

    Vice President, General Manager, Mountain and Gulf Coast

    Mark Muench

    Vice President, General Manager, Heartland

    Rama Nadimpalli

    Vice President, General Manager, Cerner India

    John Pappanikou

    Senior Director, General Manager, Mid-Atlantic North

    Emil Peters

    Vice President, General Manager, United Kingdom

    Mike Pomerance

    Vice President, Managing Director, Middle East

    Michael Robin

    Vice President, General Manager, Southeast

    Michelle Roseman

    Senior Director, General Manager, Academic/Children's Midwest

    Jim Shave

    Senior Vice President, President, Canada

    Susan Wayde

    Vice President, General Manager, Ascension

    Debbie Yantis

    Vice President, General Manager, Academic/Children's Northeast

    Neal Patterson 94x109

    Neal Patterson

    Chairman of the Board, CEO

    Neal Patterson is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Cerner Corporation, a company he co-founded with two colleagues in 1979. Today Cerner is the world’s largest independent health information technology company with $3.4 billion in revenues in 2014 and more than 20,000 associates worldwide.

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    Cliff Illig

    Vice Chairman of the Board

    Cliff Illig, vice chairman and co-founder of Cerner Corporation, focuses on growing and expanding Cerner’s market-oriented business units, key strategic relationships and priority corporate initiatives.

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    Gerald E. Bisbee, Jr

    Gerald E. Bisbee Jr., Ph.D., has been member of Cerner Corporation's Board of Directors since February 1988. He is co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of The Health Management Academy.

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    Denis Cortese

    Denis A. Cortese

    Denis A. Cortese, M.D., emeritus president and chief executive officer, Mayo Clinic, was elected to Cerner Corporation’s Board of Directors in May 2011.

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    John C. Danforth

    The Honorable John C. Danforth is a member of Cerner Corporation’s Board of Directors. He was a member of Cerner’s Board of Directors from May 1996 through June 2004, when he resigned to serve as Ambassador to the United Nations.

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    Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.

    Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., joined the Cerner Board of Directors in December 2013. He is the 12th president of Purdue University, a post he assumed in January 2013, at the conclusion of his term as Governor of Indiana.

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    Linda M. Dillman

    Linda M. Dillman has been a member of Cerner Corporation’s Board of Directors since 2010. Since January 2012, she has been the chief information officer for QVC, Inc.

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    William B. Neaves

    William B. Neaves, Ph.D., has been a member of Cerner Corporation's Board of Directors since March 2001. Since June 2000, Neaves has served as chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors of The Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

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    William D. Zollars

    William D. Zollars has been a member of Cerner Corporation's Board of Directors since May 2005. He is the former chairman, president and chief executive officer of YRC Worldwide, a position he held from November 1999 to July 2011.

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