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  • May 10 2011

    Introducing the Personal Health Record for Athletes

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    Sports injuries are unavoidable. Much like hot dogs at the ball park, vuvuzelas at the world cup, and foam fingers and face paint at a football game, injuries are part of the game and always will be.

    Getting injured is easy. Tracking these injuries and managing the road to recovery is not. HealtheAthlete is a Health Management Platform that combines injury management, a Personal Health Record (PHR), and advanced reporting capabilities built specifically to manage the health of elite athletes. Similar to the impact Cerner's Classic and Millennium solutions have on the digital transformation of thousands of hospitals and physician offices, HealtheAthlete digitizes sports medicine departments within professional sports organizations and collegiate athletic programs. From injury tracking and treatment planning to comprehensive reporting and health trend analysis - HealtheAthlete provides clinical and training staff with access to the right data to make the best clinical decisions about the care of their high-performing athletes.

    What sets HealtheAthlete apart from the rest of the solutions in the market today is the Cerner Personal Health Record that is at the core of the solution. The Cerner PHR is not a new concept here on the blog. In the athletic world, however, the Personal Health Record is uncharted territory. Never before has an athlete health management system provided an athlete-owned extension of the medical record created by the athletic trainers and physicians caring for them. An athlete's PHR can follow them from their college career to the professional level and, for the millions of college athletes who do not go on to play their sport professionally; the PHR follows them into the work-world, establishing an important baseline for healthy living. These former athletes are now armed with a portable and all-inclusive summary of their health that will enable them to better understand, communicate, and treat lingering and long-term injuries from their athletic career.

    HealtheAthlete is an ever-evolving solution based on collaborative partnerships with our clients. Thanks to their feedback and innovation, we have grown tremendously over the past few years and will continue that growth well into the future.

    Most of us remember being hurt or injured at some point in our lives, but many of us may not remember all the critical details – Was it the left knee or right knee? Did it happen in 1998 or 1999? Add to that the chaotic schedule of an athlete who travels all over the country and has sustained multiple injuries over the course of their career and you will understand the significant role that Cerner's HealtheAthlete solution can play in the well-being of an athlete. Like a quick point guard with ball handling skills or a goalie with cat-like reflexes, HealtheAthlete is a critical part of any team's lineup.

    Sarah Campbell is a Sales Executive HealtheAthlete at Cerner and is responsible for new client development and relationship management with professional sports organizations and collegiate athletic programs. A former college athlete herself, she has a unique perspective of the athletic market. Throughout her athletic career, Campbell has frequented the inside of many athletic training rooms, sports medicine clinics, and physical therapy facilities. She certainly understands first-hand the importance of athletic training, injury tracking and treatment, and taking proactive and preventative measures to stay on the field and in the game.

    Campbell received her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University in Bronx, NY where she also played 4 years of varsity softball in the NCAA Division I Atlantic 10 Conference. She will be pursuing her Masters of Business Administration in the fall at UMKC Bloch School of Management.”

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