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  • September 20 2011

    The Evolution of the Smart Room

    Imagine an environment that is aware of your presence. Automated events occur based on your location, preferences and patterns. Daily tasks take less time or are simply no longer necessary, based upon the ability to utilize smart technology – seamlessly integrated into your everyday routine.

    Now, apply this smart concept to an environment focused upon providing health care and optimizing the patient experience. Smart technology and solutions can:

    • Allow patient vital signs to be documented to the EMR directly from the patient's monitor
    • Route critical alerts to a care provider, based upon an alarm or event occurring within the patient's room
    • Provide specific patient information to a care provider, upon entry into a room
    • Leverage digital displays outside the room to provide patient information, status of room, and visual notification of a care provider in the room
    • Empower patients through an interactive system that allows access to their EMR care plans, providers and education, but also allows control of room temperature and lighting

    This is an environment that can dramatically improve the experience for the patient and caregivers, through innovative technologies and integrated solutions. This has been the vision and realized reality of the Cerner Smart Room.

    Several of our clients have already shared the successes they've realized through adopting Smart Room technology and continue to realize the benefits of integrating solutions and technologies to optimize workflows and outcomes. The value lies within the interoperability of the devices and systems, leveraging technology to improve patient care and clinician efficiency. In other words, the technology is integrated and connectedwith a purpose to achieve a positive outcome. This principle applies not only within the room, but throughout the continuum of care.

    Our Smart Room vision and concepts continue to evolve as organizations continue to realize the value of a connected and contextually aware care environment. Optimizing the care experience, engaging the patient in their care and automating the care process remains the mission of the Smart Room. However, our vision grows to empower and simplify the workflows that extend from the room, within the care unit and beyond the walls of the hospital – a mobile care provider. Building upon the integration of solutions within the room, our focus encompasses the opportunities to automate and simplify the workflows as they occur from room-to-room, within the hallways, from unit-to-unit and beyond.

    The theme for Cerner Health Conference 2011, Experience the Possible, couldn't be more appropriate for Cerner and our clients as we expand the possibilities of workflow and process improvement. At the event, we'll feature a day-in-the-life look at an active unit and demonstrate the real-world potential of an integrated Smart Unit and the mobile care provider.

    In addition to the smart unit showcased on solution gallery floor, Detroit Medical Center and St. Thomas Health Services will share their smart unit journey during a Monday Power Session, Smart Units: Vision to Reality. The combined presentation will highlight each health system's vision, current state and future path in their journey and benefits realized from their smart unit implementation for providers and patients.

    We look forward to the collaboration and conversations with all of you at CHC 2011.

    Josh Lowery is responsible for business development and solution management of CareAware solutions and Cerner Smart Room initiatives. These solutions focus on improving clinical workflows and outcomes, while engaging the patient in the care experience through integrated solutions and technologies. Lowery joined Cerner in 2006 and has held various roles in the DeviceWorks organization. Prior to joining Cerner, he was a system engineer at YRC Worldwide. Lowery received a bachelor of science in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University and a Masters in Business Administration from Baker University.

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