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Cerner Clients

  • Marina Salud First Non-U.S. Hospital to Receive HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award

    December 2014

    Cerner clients' most recent accolades are international. Hospital Marina Salud, Dénia in Spain is the first non-U.S. hospital to earn the HIMSS Davies Enterprise Award ever. Davies Award recipients are HIMSS Stage 7 and 6 organizations that demonstrate significant, sustainable improvement of patient outcomes through the utilization of electronic health records (EHRs) and information technology (IT) while achieving return on investment. 

    St Stephens Hospital Hervey Bay – First HIMSS Stage 6 Hospital in Australia

    December 2014

    Congratulations to St Stephen's Hospital Hervey Bay who has been recognised as a leader in IT practice in healthcare in Australia by the international health information body HIMSS Asia Pacific. In a first for Australia, the hospital has been given one of the highest grades of award for its use of IT systems to improve patient care that HIMSS Asia Pacific can bestow. The award was presented in Hervey Bay, on Monday 8 December.

    Working with Cerner

    October 2014

    Annette Carne, Matron, talks about St. George's Healthcare NHS Trust's relationship with Cerner UK.

    Working with Cerner: Barts Health NHS Trust

    September 2014

    Angharad Davis, Junior Doctor talks about Barts Health NHS Trust's relationship with Cerner UK.

    Working with Cerner

    July 2014

    Will Hall, Pharmacist & Change Manager - ePrescribing and Stephen East, Clinical Operations Manager talk about St. George's Healthcare NHS Trust's relationship with Cerner UK.

    Toronto East General Hospital: CPOE and eMAR at a Community Hospital

    July 2014

    Toronto East General Hospital was the first to go live, hospital-wide, with computerised physician order entry (CPOE) and electronic medication administration record (eMAR). In 2005, the organisation began a six-year journey to convert 95% of its patients' chart to an electronic patient record. Today, the hospital has achieved its goal with 65% of orders entered directly by physicians.

    Decision Support and Triage with Intelligent IT Systems in the Emergency Department at Tilak, Austria

    June 2014

    Tiroler Landeskrankenanstalten (Tyrolean Provincial Hospitals or TILAK) make up one of the largest hospital groups in Austria and, thanks in particular to the university clinics in Innsbruck, they are pioneers in the application of modern operating methods. TILAK consists of five hospitals in and around Innsbruck with 28 university clinics at five locations with a total of 2,500 beds. Almost 8,000 providers care for more than 120,000 inpatients and 1.9 million outpatients annually.

    FirstNet at Barts Health NHS Trust

    June 2014

    The Emergency Department at the Royal London hospital is paper-lite. Using the Cerner Millennium FirstNet® module, the Emergency Department went paper-lite in paediatrics in January 2012 and in the Adult Department in September.

    Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust partners with Cerner to implement its Clinical Exchange Platform 

    May 2014

    In 2003, Homerton partnered with Cerner to implement the Millennium® electronic medical record throughout its health system. The initiative served as a foundational underpinning of Homerton's commitment to creating a safe and efficient care process that helps patients consistently achieve the best possible outcomes. Millennium has taken solid root throughout the organisation and as a result, Homerton recently began implementation of the Cerner Clinical Exchange Platform, a standards-based health information exchange (HIE)solution that allows clinicians to securely exchange patient data within their workflow,independent of time or place.

    Improving Patient Safety and Clinical Efficiency in Haematology at Barts Health NHS Trust

    March 2014

    The haematology centre at the Royal London hospital was the first department at Barts Health to fully embrace the idea of moving towards a paperless environment back in January 2010. When it moved into new premises a year later, paper files became a thing of the past and the greater clinical and operational benefits of the Cerner Millennium Electronic Health Record (EHR) system were realised.


    Queen Elizabeth Hospital launches new component of electronic health record upgrades

    January 2014

    Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in Prince Edward Island, was featured in a story in The Guardian (Canada).

    Toronto East General Hospital: CPOE and eMAR at a community hospital

    January 2014

    Learn how Toronto East General Hospital improved patient care and efficiency using Cerner solutions.

    Patient Experience and Cerner Millennium

    January 2014

    See how the patient’s experience at Barts Health is excellent from the start to end. Within the Millennium EPR system, Barts Health staff can see the entire patient’s journey, allowing them to construct an understanding of the patient’s condition immediately.


    Barts Health NHS Trust: Streamlining ED Workflow

    October 2013

    Barts' Emergency Department is paper-lite. Using the Cerner Millennium FirstNet® module, the Emergency Department went paper-lite in paediatrics in January 2012 and in the adult department in September.

    Population Health at Barts Health NHS Trust

    October 2013

    Staff with Barts Health NHS Trust discuss how they are approaching Population Health management.

    Cerner PowerInsight Data Warehouse at Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    August 2013

    The PowerInsight® Enterprise Data Warehouse (PIEDW) at Wirral University Teaching Hospital is helping the way people perform business analysis and make strategic decisions. PIEDW centralises strategic information from various sources, streamlining data access, and facilitating analysis of the information by business units.

    Message Centre and Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    August 2013

    The Message Centre is one of the key developments in Millennium that has provided significant benefits to the clinical community and it has supported the Wirral Hospital in meeting its imperative of having all results endorsed.

    The Latest in Image Distribution with Cerner Skyvue

    April 2013

    Wirral University Teaching Hospital partnered with Cerner Corporation to develop test Cerner's new image viewing platform that uses one cohesive viewer within the enterprise and beyond, regardless of role or venue.

    Leading CIOs of Europe, HIMSS Europe Spring 2013 Magazine

    March 2012

    Models for Achieving excellence: Hospital Marina Salud de Dénia HIMSS Stage 7 and Centre Hospitalier de Belfort-Montbéliard and Centre Hospitalier de Valenciennes HIMSS Stage 6.

    Clínica Las Condes Receives International Recognition For Health IT Adoption

    March 2012

    Clínica Las Condes has become the first hospital in Latin America to achieve Stage 6 on the HIMSS Analytics Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM), the seven-stage model developed by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to evaluate the development level of health care information technology projects. Only about 8.5 percent of American hospitals have qualified for HIMSS Analytics Stage 6.

    Royal Free London, BMJ Action Sets and Cerner: Partnering for greater efficiency and better outcomes

    November 2012

    The Royal Free London is delivering safe care more efficiently usting BMJ action sets and Cerner solutions.

    Sepsis kills 1,400 people worldwide each day

    November 2012

    Cerner featured in a recent issue of Commentary magazine.

    • Source: Commentary, Membership Magazine of the Royal College of Physicians

    A shift to paperless

    November 2012

    Dr Dan Hart, consultant haematologist at Barts Health talks about how Cerner Millennium is helping to improve patient safety.

    Improving Health care with the Research-able EHR

    November 2012

    Commentary Magazine published an article on how health care can be improved with the research-able EHR.

    Cerner, Helping Nurses at the Royal Free

    September 2012

    By using Cerner Millennium®, nurse rounding is being delivered and recorded at the bedside in real time at the Royal Free London. Together, this work has improved both patient and staff experience.

    Oxford University Hospitals: PPID and Tap and Go

    September 2012

    Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust: Benefits of Using Cerner Millennium and Real-Time Clinical Information.

    Oxford University Hospitals: Patient Safety Award 2012

    July 2012

    Oxford University Hospitals: winners of the Patient Safety Award 2012:Technology and IT to Improve Patient Safety.

    TILAK (Tyrolean Provincial Hospitals): Supporting Interdisciplinary Workflows using Cerner Millennium

    14 June 2012

    Tiroler Landeskrankenanstalten (TILAK: Tyrolean Provincial Hospitals) form one of the largest hospital groups in Austria and thanks in particular to the university clin-ics in Innsbruck, are looked upon as pioneers in the application of modern operat-ing methods. TILAK consists of five hospitals in and around Innsbruck with 23 sub-sidiary clinics at five locations with a total of 2,200 beds.

    Approximately 6,000 clinical providers treat 114,000 inpatients and 400,000 out-patients annually. The core of their IT landscape is the Cerner Millennium® Hospital Information System (HIS), supporting treatment and care processes as well as medical and nursing care documentation.

    North York General Hospital: Providing quality care and patient safety

    23 May 2012

    North York General Hospital, in Canada, has embarked on a breakthrough information technology (IT) project called eCare.

    The digital system, which connects clinicians throughout the organisation’s main 423-bed facility, enables providers and authorised users to capture, retrieve and share patient data, streamlining a host of processes.

    King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre: Enhancing Patient Safety and Efficiency

    23 May 2012

    To improve the efficiency and quality of care, KFSHRC reconciled multiple stand-alone information technology systems and implemented Cerner Millennium®, an integrated, patient-centric electronic health record. In launching the Integrated Clinical Information System (ICIS), the organization is an information technology leader and pioneer in the Middle East.

    King Faisal Specialist Hospital Center Achieves HIMSS Stage 6

    22 May 2012

    HIMSS Analytics Asia announced King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has achieved Stage 6 on the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM).

    King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, client of Cerner, has been recognized for meeting all criteria for a Stage 6 hospital in the deployment and use of clinical information technology to improve patient safety, quality and efficiency.

    Cerner Client the First Hospital in France to Achieve HIMSS Analytics Europe Stage 6

    11 May 2012

    The Centre Hospitalier Belfort-Montbéliard, member of the Health Cooperation group EMOSIST-fc (Groupement de Coopération Sanitaire- GCS), and Cerner France were recognised for their commitment to improve the healthcare delivery in France. The Centre Hospitalier Belfort-Montbéliard is the first hospital in France to be awarded stage 6 certification from the not-for-profit organisation HIMSS Analytics Europe.

    Hospital de Dénia is first Spanish Hospital to Achieve HIMSS Stage 7

    May 2012

    The Hospital de Dénia is the first Spanish hospital, and the second one in Europe, to achieve HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society) Stage 7, the highest certification on implementing its electronic medical record. The hospital is now completely digital. This positions Hospital de Dénia in the top tier of the select list of hospitals that have received this award by HIMSS; until now, only a German hospital in Europe has been recognized with this highest score.